ESSENCIA by BainUltra

The ESSENCIA collection from BainUltra® is your passport to a singular world of relaxation and wellness. Visit the Studio IL Bagno Showroom to experience ESSENCIA in person.

Designed with pure and clean exterior lines uniquely ESSENCIA, its luxurious interiors are related to the successful AYOURA series by BainUltra, offering multiple bathing positions.

Indulge yourself within the organic silhouette of the ESSENCIA OVAL or discover a world of relaxation in the sleek design and refined comfort of the ESSENCIA RECTANGULAR.

Add to either model BainUltra’s famous ThermoMasseur® system, with optional GEYSAIR, for the finest hydro-therapy massage a tub can give.

Or be spirited away to a new level of sensory tranquility with BainUltra’s latest THERMASEN soaking option, featuring Chromatherapy (Light), Aromatherapy (Essential Oils), and WarmTouchShell heating zones.

Essencia Rectangular 6838The simple designs of the ESSENCIA will prove popular for many, many years to come.


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