GEYSAIR – A Revolution in Air Jet Baths

geysair_logo_bleu_tmGEYSAIR™, by BainUltra®, is revolutionizing hydro-thermo massage. The GEYSAIR option, available on most BainUltra ThermoMasseur air jet baths, heats and humidifies air channels to retain the warmth of the bath water and extend bathing comfort.

geysairGEYSAIR is a new hot air system that surrounds the bather in a cocoon of warmth. Inspired by the well-known therapeutic properties of hot thermal springs, GEYSAIR delivers a true feeling of warmth as humidified air bubbles touch the skin. Any sensation of coolness that may be created by dry air bubbles has been eliminated.

With GEYSAIR, BainUltra is perfecting the art of hydro-thermo massage, demonstrating its commitment to improving relaxation, health and wellness. BainUltra stands out by providing a true feeling of a hands-on massage – The best massage a bath can give®!




A fully operational, free-standing BainUltra Amma 7242, with GEYSAIR, is displayed in the Studio IL Bagno showroom.

bain_amma oval 7242 fs white base

Amma Oval 7242