BainUltra Therapeutic Baths

BAINULTRA Therapeutic Baths:    Amma  •  Ayoura  •  Elegancia  •  Essencia •  Meridian  •  Origami  •  Tekura _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Select a design series and follow your personal pathway to discovering pure relaxation and comfort with a BainUltra ThermoMasseur.




BainUltra is the pioneer and inventor of therapeutic air baths.

BainUltra’s Revolutionary NEW Technology – GEYSAIR!

  • Geysair is the new humidified hot air system, exclusive to BainUltra, that surrounds the bather in a cocoon of warmth.

For its exceptional massage:

  • BainUltra is the ORIGINAL AIR JET SYSTEM. Often copied, never equaled.
  • In a BainUltra ThermoMasseur, you are completely surrounded by air jets. Between 34 and 70 jets propel air into the water. Pressure is equally distributed throughout the bath, creating an all-encompassing sensation.
  • The angle, size and orientation of the jets have been designed to create an effective full-body massage.

Heated backrest/headrest:

  • Only BainUltra provides an adjustable heating system that aids relaxation of your neck and back to provide greater comfort.

Inverted V backrest:

  • Yet another BainUltra innovation, the inverted V backrest ensures a perfect massage for your neck and spine. Featured on all baths in the Ayoura, Amma and TMU series.

Raised seat:

  • This BainUltra innovation intensifies the massage on the back of your legs while providing absolute comfort. Featured
    on all baths in the Ayoura, Amma and TMU series.

Hygienic Systems:

  • BainUltra’s therapeutic bath systems use only clean water and hot air, with no water recirculation to introduce contamination.
  • Air channels are angled for optimal drainage, so gravity drains even the smalles drops of water.
  • Tried-and-true drying cycles ensure that water not only drains fully but air channels are dried out 100%. No stagnant water – no water at all – is left behind in the system.